How do you change the resolution on Need for Speed Carbon?

How do I change the resolution on Need for Speed Carbon?

Now, if you want to set your own screen resolution manually, then go to your Scripts folder, which is in your NFS Carbon folder and open ini file, that you will find in that folder. 3. After that, in lines: ResX = and ResY = set your screen resolution.

How do I run NFS Carbon in windowed mode?

re: Windowed Mode

You can right click on the executable on most things and pick it to run in windowed mode.

How do I install carbon in Battle Royale?

BASIC Installation Process:

  1. Launch NFS-VltEd as ADMINISTRATOR (version 4.6 or higher required).
  2. Click “File” at the upper left corner.
  3. Choose “Open”.
  4. Navigate to your Need for Speed Carbon game directory in your computer, which is usually in. …
  5. After that, in NFS-VltEd click “File” again.
  6. Choose “Import”.


Is Need for Speed on steam?

Need for Speed™ on Steam. Ready to own the streets? Get behind the wheel of iconic cars and floor it through Ventura Bay, a sprawling urban playground. Explore overlapping stories as you build your reputation – and your dream car – and become the ultimate racing icon.

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How can I play nfs carbon on Windows 7?

How to make NFS: Carbon work on Win 7/8/8.1 & 10

  1. Install NFS:C.
  2. Open the directory of your NFS:C game, this can be done easily by clicking on your NFS:C game on desktop and clicking “Open file location”, minimize this window, you will need it later.
  3. Download the 1.4 patch here, this will also download previous patches.

How do I make my computer widescreen?

The process of setting the resolution on your widescreen computer monitor is fairly simple and straightforward.

  1. Launch Control Panel. To get to the settings, you will have to go through the Control Panel. …
  2. Adjust Screen Resolution. …
  3. Check For Changes. …
  4. Choose Resolution. …
  5. Select Orientation. …
  6. Save Settings.

How do I use extra options in Nfsc?

You can open it with any text editor. > Enable the option from config file. It will add CAR(DEBUG) option to Main Menu. > Press 1 to use the car you see on the screen on free roam.

Will NFS The Run work on Windows 10?

Yes you can easily run NFS on your Windows 10 system. But make sure that your system meets the minimum hardware and software requirements. Yes you can easily run NFS on your Windows 10 system.

Is NFS Carbon on steam?

Unfortunately, Carbon & Most Wanted can’t be bought on Origin nor Steam. Is there a version of these games available for some kind of launcher like Steam? I like achievements a lot, where could I buy NFS Carbon & Most Wanted? I dislike gog.

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How do I turn on subtitles in Need for Speed Carbon?

Up to 5.1 output. See Subtitles.


  1. Install NFSC Extra Options.
  2. Open NFSCExtraOptionsSettings. ini .
  3. Change ShowSubs = 0 to ShowSubs = 1 .

How do I run NFS Carbon on Windows 8?

Re: NFS Carbon not working in Windows 8.1

  1. Open the nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Click Manage 3D settings.
  3. Click the Program Settings tab.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Select the game from the list or click browse and navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesNeed for Speed CarbonCarbon.exe.
  6. Select carbon.exe and then Open.
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