How fast can a YERF Dog Go Kart Go?

Q: How fast will my Yerf-Dog Go-Kart go? A: The engines have a governor that limits their output and the go-kart’s top speed. The top speed of our go-karts with 6 HP to 150cc engines range 30 to 35 mph.

How do I make my YERF Dog Go Kart faster?

Here are 9 ways to make your go-kart faster:

  1. Upgrade Your Go-Kart.
  2. Optimize Your Carburetor.
  3. Install a Supercharger or Turbocharger.
  4. Re-gear Your Go-Kart.
  5. Make Your Go-Kart More Lightweight.
  6. Remove the Speed Governor.
  7. Change to Larger Go-Kart Tires.
  8. Add Isopropyl Alcohol to Your Fuel.

Are YERF Dog Go Karts good?

They are very common and yes an adult can fit. They go pretty fast in a straight line (for a 6.5HP Tecumseh) but the brakes, steering, and front suspension are very weak. It makes for a nice little yard kart but far from offroad. They make for good project vehicles and the transformations are awesome.

What is a YERF Dog Go Kart?

Yerf-Dog Go Karts. Engineered for maximum performance at affordable prices. Manufactured in the USA for full throttle fun since 1996. Links below take you to Go Kart Parts.

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Are YERF Dog Go Karts still made?

Since its debut in 1996, Yerf-Dog manufacturers motor-driven wow on wheels. … In 2005 Yerf-Dog the motor drive division of FF Acquisition Corp (dba Flexible Flyer), closed its operation and manufacturing. At that time their parts and inventory were auctioned off. BMI Karts purchased the remaining parts.

Why is my go kart going slow?

One of the more common reasons for go-kart acceleration problems is the result of a clogged or damaged carburetor. Therefore, you should check if your carb is running optimally. The carburetor is responsible for mixing a proper air to fuel ratio before the flows into the engine.

Can you turbo charge a go kart?

Yes, you can supercharge a go-kart engine. The cheap option is to go to the junk yard and look for an older V-8 car with a belt drive smog pump(Or buy a new one for about$100–150). On a small displacement engine you can use one of these as a supercharger.

What is a YERF?

Acronym. Definition. YERF. Year-Equivalents of Reduced Functioning.

Where is the model number on a YERF Dog Go Kart?

Model Number

This number can be found in the owner’s manual. If you’re unable to locate this number, please identify your Yerf Dog go-kart model by the model image on the left most column.

How many cc is a YERF Dog Go-Kart?

Yerf-Dog Go-Kart #3206 & 4206
7.8 HP, 150cc motorcycle engine
Full suspension for top performance
Rack and Pinion steering precision
1yr engine limited warranty

How much are YERF dog go karts?

Gokarts Gocarts Go Karts Carts Kart Cart Gokart Gocart -Free Shipping.

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What size belt goes on a YERF Dog Go-Kart?

Yerf Dog go-karts commonly use belts that have either a top width of 3/4″ or 25/32” (0.78125-inches).

How fast will a 6hp go-kart go?

Top speed 24-29 mph, (Optional 15-18 mph reduction kit available).

Where do I put oil in my go-kart?

Put A Tray Underneath The Engine

Once your engine is warmed up, you will need to put a tray underneath the engine. This will be needed in order to catch the old oil underneath the kart and it will save you from having to clean all of the oil off the floor once you are done.

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