How long is NFS Undercover?

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 80 10h 57m
Main + Extras 46 14h 19m
Completionists 29 20h 24m
All PlayStyles 155 13h 43m

Is Need for Speed Undercover open world?

Own the Open World – Tear across the massive highway system and discover the open world of the Gulf Coast Tri-Cities area, with three unique cities connected by an extensive highway system. Heroic Driving Engine – An all-new game engine lets you pull off amazing moves for the ultimate driving edge.

Why is NFS Undercover so bad?

The broken, complicated & cheesy storyline, the acting in cutscenes, crappy handling, the boring & depressing environment, bland UI displays, lack of an actual main menu, limited customization, broken speedbreaker mechanic, bland events…. just almost anything in this game really, except for the cops & ig the score.

Is Need for Speed Undercover a good game?

Need for Speed Undercover is a poor game with a ton of problems, both technically and in terms of design. The open world design is completely lost as you can’t actually drive to any event, many races are closed off which means no cross traffic, and it’s incredibly easy.

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How many races are in NFS Undercover?

Guided along by federal agent Chase Linh (played by Maggie Q of “Live Free or Die Hard”), your mission is to infiltrate rampant crime syndicates of the fictional Tri-City through – you guessed it — street racing. The game offers six or so event types, split into races and police chases.

Does NFS Undercover has free roam?

Free Ride (also known as Free Roam, Free Run in the Underground series, and Test Drive in older releases) is a game mode that is featured in Need for Speed: High Stakes, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, Motor City Online, the Underground series, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Need for Speed: Carbon, Need for Speed …

Is Need for Speed Undercover 2 player?

Multiplayer mode varies across the platforms the game was launched on – online multiplayer is possible on Windows, PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and DS editions; PlayStation 2 and Wii editions feature split-screen multiplayer; while mobile phone platforms do not include the game mode.

How do I fix NFS Undercover?

Nfs undercover crash fix – Best answers.

  1. In Windows open up your game or application. …
  2. Open up Windows Task Manager (Ctl+Alt+Del).
  3. Click on the Processed tab and find your game or application.
  4. Right click on the game or application and select Set Affinity.
  5. You will see CPU0 and CPU1 checked. …
  6. Click OK.


What is the best car in NFS Undercover?


  • Pagani zonda is amazing. …
  • Lamborghini Murcielago: The Murcielago is the best handling in-game car. …
  • I’ve got a maxed out Mclaren F1, turns great and accelerates like heck! …
  • Uhm, personally the Mclaren f1 is the best cars because of the acceleration etc . …
  • Try the Lamborghini Murceilago.
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Is NFS Most Wanted open world?

In Need For Speed Most Wanted, the entire city of Fairhaven is open from the beginning.

How many GB is NFS Undercover?

The most basic installation will require at least 5.5 GB of free disk space on your hard drive. You need at least 1 GB RAM of Free RAM to run this game with no technical problems.

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