Is Michael Jordan joining Nascar?

Michael Jordan, the NBA great and NASCAR enthusiast, is joining forces with Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin to form a NASCAR superteam. The duo of Jordan and Hamlin will become the owners of a single-car Cup Series team starting in 2021, and Wallace will be the driver.

Is Michael Jordan getting into Nascar?

Jordan has been a pitchman, an NBA team owner and a tequila connoisseur — and on Sunday, with Wallace at the wheel, he makes his official debut as a NASCAR team owner with 23XI Racing in the Daytona 500.

What will Michael Jordan do in Nascar?

Following years of rumors and speculation, NBA legend Michael Jordan officially announced last September that he would become a NASCAR Cup Series team co-owner along with Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin for the 2021 season and beyond.

What team is Michael Jordan buying Nascar?

Michael Jordan-Bubba Wallace NASCAR team will be named 23XI Racing. Michael Jordan made a big splash in September by teaming up with Denny Hamlin to buy a NASCAR Cup Series team that will feature Bubba Wallace as the driver. One month later, details about the team are starting to come into focus.

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Are Denny and Jordan still together?

After winning the Toyota 500 NASCAR Cup Series for the second time, it’s safe to say Denny Hamlin is best known for his successes on the race track. However, they broke up after eight years together, just months after Fish and Hamlin locked eyes. …

Who bought Nascar?

International Speedway Corporation

Formerly Bill France Racing, Inc.
Founded 1953
Founder Bill France Sr.
Defunct October 18, 2019
Fate Purchased by and merged into NASCAR

How much is Jeff Gordon worth?

Jeff Gordon net worth: Jeff Gordon is an American former professional NASCAR racing driver, currently an announcer for Fox NASCAR, and a top executive for Hendrick Motorsport. As of this writing, Jeff Gordon’s net worth is $200 million dollars.

How much does it cost to buy a Nascar team?

Owning a NASCAR team can be expected to be a very hefty investment. It involves lots of expenses all of which cost a large amount of money. The expected total for owning a NASCAR team is nearly $400,000 per week which over the 38 week season is on average more than $15 million in annual expenses.

Who owns Nascar 23?

23 Car For This Weekend’s Daytona 500. Darrell Wallace, Jr., who is better known to the racing world as Bubba Wallace, has spent the last few NASCAR seasons racing under a legendary name in motorsports.

Does Michael Jordan ride motorcycles?

A lifelong fan of motorsports, Michael Jordan actually had to agree to stop riding a motorcycle when he signed his first NBA contract. … While not on the bike himself, his passion remained throughout the years, and in 2004 it all became official with the founding of his own motorcycle team.

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How much did Michael Jordan make from Nascar?

As per reports, Jordan’s new NASCAR team is worth over $150 million.

How much did Michael Jordan invest in Nascar?

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About the $150 Million Michael Jordan NASCAR Team Purchase – Speed Society.

What cars does Michael Jordan own?

He’s also owned a 550 Maranello (which is said to have inspired the breathable air ducts and Jumpman shield design on the Air Jordan XIV trainer) and a 599 GTB Fiorano. He doesn’t bother with the V8s; clearly, he likes his Fezzas to pack 12 cylinders. Enzo Ferrari was the same way.

Who is the hottest Nascar wife?

NASCAR 2020: 10 hottest racing WAGs, from Jordan Fish to Whitney Ward

  • Trisha Mears, wife of Casey Mears.
  • Ingrid Vandebosch-Gordon, Wife Of Jeff Gordon.
  • Samantha Busch, Kyle Busch’s wife.
  • Lorra Podsiadlo Bowyer, Wife Of Clint Bowyer.
  • Kate Downey Edwards, Carl Edwards’s wife.
  • Britanny Logano, wife of Joey Logano.


Who is the richest Nascar driver?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. earns the ranking of the most wealthiest NASCAR driver, with an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Do Nascar drivers pee?

NASCAR drivers do sometimes pee during a race. NASCAR drivers do not wear diapers so, if a NASCAR driver needs to pee during a race, then they go right in their suit and onto the seat. Every moment counts and a driver is not going to waste time stopping.

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