What does double ball mean in drag racing?

What does double bulb mean in drag racing?

The two photocells activate the Pre-Stage, and the Stage lights. … When both the Pre-Stage and Stage lights are lit, this means that the driver is on the starting line, and ready to go. There is also a situation called a Deep Stage, where the driver bumps his car forward even more until only the Pre-Stage bulb goes out.

What is a double breakout in drag racing?

The exception: When both cars run quicker than their dial-ins, known as a “double-breakout race,” the car closest to its dial-in is the winner. For instance, if both cars have a dial-in of 8.90 and one breaks out at 8.854 and the other at 8.864, the car that ran 8.864 wins.

What does Donkey gap mean?

Definition: A term used by bracket racers describing the act of getting on and off the throttle slightly at the big end to stay just ahead of the competition, but not going too quick as to break out of their dial-in.

What is double Bulbing?

Probably double-bulbed. Also called quick-staging a guy. It’s when you light both the Pre-Stage and Stage bulbs before the guy in the other lane lights the Pre-Stage bulb. Staging courtesy is that you light the Pre-Stage bulb, then wait for the other guy to do the same before you roll ahead and light the second bulb.

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What is deep staging?

Deep staging is the practice of rolling forward enough to turn off the prestage light. The thought behind this is you are closer to the finish line than your opponent.

What is courtesy staging in drag racing?

Courtesy Staging

This means that the first car into the staging beams should light only the pre-stage light. When the second car is is pre-staged, then either of you can move up slightly into the staging lights.

Why do drag racers bump in?

The “Bump Box” has totally transformed the way many drag racers stage their cars. By controlling the trans brake with a high speed micro processor, the car can be bumped into the second bulb with extreme precision and control! Allowing the driver to focus on the tree, and not worry about rolling the beams.

What does N A mean in drag racing?

NA=Naturally Apirated engine. FI=forced Induction engine(turbocharged,supercharged or Nitrous) sports car or rather fast cars are made with different concept by the manufacturers. NA cars are able to last longer in race like F1 cars. however,for FI i would say its more suitable for drag racing.

Why do they call it drag racing?

I think the etymology of drag racing works like this: “drag” started as a type of sled pulled by horses, then referred to a wheeled wagon, then larger wheeled horse-drawn vehicles in a broader sense, then got applied to the main roads where these vehicles traveled, then “drag” became a more generalized term for roads, …

Do street racers make money?

Unless they’re very experienced and talented, they make nothing. Street racing is a losing proposition for the vast majority of people. to compete with the guys who will regularly bet big money, you need to spend big money. At the top of the “sport” you’ll find cars that are capable of high 7’s in the quarter mile.

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Why are street races illegal?

Street racing is typically an unsanctioned and illegal form of auto racing that occurs on a public road. … Opponents of street racing cite a lack of safety relative to sanctioned racing events, as well as legal repercussions arising from incidents, among street racing’s drawbacks.

Is drag racing illegal in Florida?

While Fast and Furious movie franchise fans might want to try to drive like the actors in the movies, they need to remember that street racing is illegal in Florida. There are numerous risks and dangers of street racing one could face.

How do drag racing trees work?

Modern drag races are started electronically by a system known as a Christmas tree. … The “Standard” tree will light up each large amber light consecutively with a . 500 second delay in between them, then followed by the green light after another . 500 second delay.

What is staging a car?

Staging cars in this context is referring to particular makes, models, or aftermarket part manufacturers that use “Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.” to describe power modifications being added. This method is used to describe a list of parts and/or a tune to increase the amount of power and torque a car will be capable of.

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