What does Wario say when you select him in Mario Kart 8?

He says “Cheater” it’s just difficult to understand because he rolls the ‘r’ at the end. He calls whoever picks him a cheater because he considers himself the best, and by picking him you’re a cheater. Finally!

What is Wario’s catchphrase?

“It’s-a me, Wario!” “I’m-a gonna win!” “Let’s-a win!” “Wario time!”

What is Waluigi’s catchphrase?

His world-famous catchphrase is “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” After the events of Miidust Odyssey, he starts his own business as the owner of Waluigi’s Taco Stand, which becomes very successful.

Is Wario in Mario Kart 8?

Wario returns in Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. … He reappeared in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe unlocked from the start like he is in most games.

Who are the fastest characters in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Characters

Characters Speed Acceleration
Donkey Kong, Roy, Waluigi 4.5 3.25
Wario, Dry Bowser 4.75 3.0
Metal/Gold Mario, Pink Gold Peach 4.25 3.25
Bowser, Morton 4.75 3.0

Who is Wario’s girlfriend?

Daisy, as depicted in her promotional artwork for Super Mario Party. Samantha Mathis (Super Mario Bros.) Princess Daisy (Japanese: デイジー姫, Hepburn: Deijī-hime, pronounced [deːʑiː çime]) is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, first appearing in 1989’s Super Mario Land.

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How did Luigi die?

During a trailer for fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, viewers had watched Luigi nervously walk into Dracula’s castle. All was well until he came face-to-face with a scythe-wielding Reaper, who caused him to faint in fear. As he dropped to his knees, the Reaper cut him in two.

Does waluigi cheat?

22 Twitter Used Him As A Symbol Of Evil Online

Waluigi may be a bad guy, but his evil is limited to cheating and pranks.

Who is Waluigi and Wario?

Waluigi (Japanese: ワルイージ, Waruīji) is Luigi’s lanky rival and Wario’s partner. Waluigi made his debut in Mario Tennis, and since then, he has made playable appearances exclusively in the Mario franchise’s spin-off titles. He makes an appearance as a playable character in all but one game in the Mario Tennis series.

What is the fastest car combo in Mario Kart 8?

The best combo for speed is Wario, Bowser, Morton Koopa, or Mii Heavy driving a Gold Standard, Mach 8, Circuit Special, or Sports Coupe with Slick or Cyber Slick tyres.

Who is the best Mario Kart 8 player in the world?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Overall Global Rankings

No. Player Tally
1 Alberto 45.465
2 Army 62.541
3 Panda 139.453
4 Pii 185.622

Who is the best Mario Kart player?

According to “science,” Wario is the best Mario Kart character you can play as in Mario Kart 8.

Can you dodge a blue shell in Mario Kart 8?

Avoid The Blue Shell In Mario Kart 8 – Break It With a Super Horn. … Outside of using a Boo item, this may be the best way to avoid a Blue Shell. Once the Shell begins circling the player in first place, one honk of the Super Horn and the Blue Shell will be destroyed before it ever gets the chance to explode.

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How do you beat Mario Kart 8?

Mario Kart 8 tips and tricks

  1. Master the drifting system. …
  2. Maintain first place in a race. …
  3. Use the slipstream system to get ahead. …
  4. Use all of the game’s ghost data. …
  5. Pick up plenty of coins. …
  6. Find out where the shortcuts are. …
  7. Use the boost start trick to get off the grid quickly. …
  8. Gain speed using stunt boosts.


What is the best car for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Heavyweight karts have historically been considered the “best” ones. In Mario Kart 8, the “best” kart combination, according to every speedy player I saw online, was Morton driving a Blue Falcon with Slick tires.

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