Which country has the most F1 World Championships?

Rank Nation Wins
1 UK 302*
2 Germany 179
3 Brazil 101
4 France 80

Which country has won the most F1 championships?

By driver

Rank Country Wins
1 United Kingdom 98
2 Germany 91
3 Germany 53
4 France 51

Which country dominates F1?

The undeniable Kings of F1 are the UK and Germany, with a combined total of 32 wins out of a possible 69.

Most successful nations in Formula 1.

Country Germany
Total wins 12
Win rate by population 1/6 899 167
Total winners 3
Winners rate by population 1/27 596 667

Who won most Formula 1 titles?

German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 world titles with a record seven titles of which he won four consecutive titles with Ferrari from 2000-2004.

Who is the youngest F1 champion?

At 18 years old, and three years younger than previous youngest race winner Sebastian Vettel, Max became the all-time youngest winner.

Max Verstappen, 18 years, 134 days.

Driver Max Verstappen
Age 18 years, 228 days
Race 2016 Spanish Grand Prix

Who was the greatest F1 driver of all time?

Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time

  • Mika Häkkinen. Mika-Häkkinen. …
  • Alain Prost. Alain-Prost. …
  • Stirling Moss. Stirling-Moss. …
  • Jackie Stewart. Jackie-Stewart. …
  • Juan Manuel Fangio. Juan-Manuel-Fangio. …
  • Lewis Hamilton. Formula One Championship Wins: 6. …
  • Michael Schumacher. Michael-Schumacher. …
  • Ayrton Senna. Ayrton-Senna.
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Which country is famous for car racing?

1. Monaco Grand Prix. The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is held annually on the Circuit de Monaco since 1929. The race weaves around the small city streets of Monaco, which includes tight corners, elevation changes and tunnels.

What country is the best at motorsport?

From Italy to Japan, here are the top five countries for racing and car culture.

  • Italy. If we are discussing countries that love racing, it would be criminal to not first mention Italy. …
  • Japan. Japan is another country that is well known to racing enthusiasts worldwide. …
  • Spain. …
  • United States. …
  • Germany.


Who is the youngest F1 driver 2020?

Out of all the Drive to Survive Formula 1 ages, Lando Norris is the youngest driver on the track at just 21 years old.

Is Hamilton better than Schumacher?

In 2020, Hamilton surpassed two other Schumacher records – number of podiums (163 against 155) and victories (94 against 91). In qualifying, Hamilton has the clear edge with 97 pole positions dwarfing Schumacher’s 68. … The number of Grands Prix each year has increased over time.

Who is the best F1 driver 2020?

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Position Driver
1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Max Verstappen
3 Daniel Ricciardo
4 Charles Leclerc

What age do F1 drivers retire?

for most racing drivers, it’ll be will about they hit 40 when they start loosing the fitness required for F1 racing and start transitioning to mentor-ship and team roles. Louis Chiron remains the oldest driver to finish a formula race at the age of 55 Years.

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Who won F1 2020?

Lewis Hamilton

How many F1 drivers have died?

Fifty-two drivers have died from incidents that occurred at a FIA World Championship event or while driving a Formula One car at another event, with Cameron Earl being the first in 1952.

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