Your question: What is bracket racing in drag racing?

Bracket racing is a form of drag racing that allows for a handicap between predicted elapsed time of the two cars over a standard distance, typically within the three standard distances (1/8 mile, 1,000 foot, or 1/4 mile) of drag racing.

Why is it called bracket racing?

When the cars leave the starting line, electronic timers record how long it takes each one to reach the finish line. This is called elapsed time, or ET for short. That is why bracket racing is also known as ET racing.

What is ET bracket?

By far the most popular form of drag racing is a handicapped form of competition known as E.T. bracket racing. In this form of racing, two vehicles of varying performance potentials can race on a potentially even basis. … With this system, virtually any two vehicles can be paired in a competitive drag race.

How do you dial in bracket racing?

Dial-ins are the foundation of bracket racing. In order to win, you have to hit the tree, and run your dial right on. This is obviously made easier if your car runs the same numbers every time – which it won’t. The key, then, is consistency.

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Can you make money bracket racing?

Couple the weekly racing with an end-of-the-year awards program, and you can see that there’s good money to be made bracket racing.

What is a good reaction time for drag racing?

When both are in place, the starter flips the switch to light the amber ready lights atop the “Christmas Tree.” Exactly four-tenths of a second later the green light comes on and the driver can leave the line (thus . 400 seconds is considered a perfect Reaction Time).

What does breaking out mean drag racing?

Breakout. Used only in handicap racing. Refers to a vehicle running quicker than the racer has predicted, or “dialed.” The racer who breaks out loses unless his or her opponent breaks out by more or commits a more serious foul, such as leaving too soon (see “Foul Start”) or crossing the centerline.

What does index mean in drag racing?

Index racing is similar to bracket racing, but both drivers leave the starting line at the same time and an index number is assigned beforehand. The aim is to run as close to the set time as possible.

What are car brackets?

Brackets are one of the most useful attachments in any vehicle. These brackets are used to hold heavy items or save bumpers from getting damaged. … It is made of steel or plastic and is very convenient to install and remove from the vehicles. Usually, the assembly is made of steel as they are sturdy.

What does nt mean in racing?

NT = No Time (do not flash their ET and MPH on the scoreboard) PT = Pro Tree (no countdown after both racers are staged; you get all the yellows at once and the green is .400 later)

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What is a Matty box?

Take the “Matty Box” for example. This was an interesting device that allowed bracket racers to physically monitor their pace down the track. Using sensors placed on either the driveshaft or wheels, the box would illustrate (usually on the tach) if the driver was running ahead or behind of their dial in.

What does box and no box mean in drag racing?

A delay box is a device that assists in perfecting your reaction time in a drag race, however some drag racers conceal the device and race in a no box class. … During a race, a driver releases a button that internally countdowns the electric signal until it releases the trans-brake to almost a perfect light.

What does 1320 mean in drag racing?

The 1320 name reflects the car’s drag-racing designs, as there are 1,320 feet in a quarter-mile. Neil Vorano. My first step before I hit the start line is to test out one of those features, specifically what’s called a “line lock” – basically, it shuts off the rear brakes.

Does reaction time matter in bracket racing?

ET is Elapsed Time, the time from when you break the starting line beam until you hit the finish line. Reaction only matter in brackets or heads up racing but it still won’t affect the ET.

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