How can I change NFS Most Wanted from Russian to English?

How do you change the language in NFS Most Wanted?

You can still change the language by replacing a .

If you have the installation DVD:

  1. Press the buttons Windows+R simuntaneously, type “regedit” and press enter.
  2. If the user account control appears, click OK or Continue to proceed. …
  3. Navigate to. …
  4. Change the value “Locale” to en_US for English.

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How do I change the language from Russian to English on Need for Speed Underground 2?

Then go My Computer> C Drive> Program Files> EA GAMES> Need For Speed Underground 2> LANGUAGES. Then find the Language file (german. bin), (japanese. bin) etc.

How do you change the language on Need for Speed Rivals?

The Russian and Polish versions of the game won’t be able to change their language. This also means that the Standard version of the game won’t be able to change language to either Russian or Polish. For all other language changes you can right-click Need for Speed in Origin and select Game Properties.

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How do you change a game’s language from Russian to English?

Click on the Start button then go to settings. Select Time & Language and Choose your Region and Language Like English. Download the Language Pack from the Download option. Once it’s installed go back and set default language English.

How do I change the language of a game?

To change the language of the game you are playing:

Locate the game you want to change the language for in your Game list. Right-click on the game name and select properties. Click on the language tab and select your desired language. Any language packs that need to be downloaded will then be done automatically.

How do I change the language on Need for Speed Pro Street?

I have found a way to change the language, you see, alls you gots to do, is to go into regedit –> locate your NFS Pro Street Folder –> Change the language value to ‘English’ –> Whola! it’s done!

How do I change the language on Need for Speed Heat Xbox?

Sign in to your Xbox One console. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select System > Settings > System > Language & location.

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