Quick Answer: Does Jeff Gordon still announce for Nascar?

Jeffery Michael Gordon (born August 4, 1971) is an American former professional stock car racing driver, currently an announcer for Fox NASCAR, and a top executive for Hendrick Motorsports. … 88 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports in select races during the 2016 season.

Is Jeff Gordon still announcing for Nascar?

Four-time NASCAR CUP SERIES champion and 2019 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Gordon, one of the most iconic names in racing and pop culture, returns to FOX NASCAR in 2021 as a race analyst for the sixth consecutive year.

Who is announcing Nascar today?

In 2021, FOX Sports’ 21st season of NASCAR coverage, the FOX NASCAR broadcast booth features newcomer and veteran driver Clint Bowyer alongside NASCAR Hall of Famer Jeff Gordon and esteemed play-by-play announcer Mike Joy with race analysis from legendary crew chief Larry McReynolds.

Who were the Fox Nascar announcers in 2020?

Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon to make up FOX TV booth for 2020 season. FOX Sports confirmed Friday that the network will go with a two-person booth for its primary NASCAR Cup Series coverage in 2020, with Mike Joy returning as play-by-play announcer alongside analyst Jeff Gordon.

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Is Jeff Gordon still on Fox?

The former professional racecar driver now works as an announcer for Fox NASCAR and is also a top executive for Hendrick Motorsports. It’s estimated that Gordon makes between $20 to $30 million per year.

How much is Jeff Gordon worth?

How much is Jeff Gordon Worth? Jeff Gordon net worth: Jeff Gordon is an American former professional NASCAR racing driver, currently an announcer for Fox NASCAR, and a top executive for Hendrick Motorsport. As of this writing, Jeff Gordon’s net worth is $200 million dollars.

Why did Jeff Gordon retire?

Despite his success on the track, Jeff Gordon retired from racing in 2016. The living legend had a simple, personal reason for calling it a career: he didn’t want to destroy his body and leave himself unable to play with his kids.

What is Mike Joy net worth?

Mike Joy net worth and salary: Mike Joy is an American TV sports announcer who has a net worth of $14 million.

Is Darrell Waltrip retired?

Waltrip was 72 when he hung up his microphone for the final time in 2019. After nearly 50 years of racing and broadcasting, he retired to spend more time with his family.

What happened Matt Yocum?

(WTXL) — Florida State University alumnus Matt Yocum is better known as a pit reporter during FOX Sports coverage during NASCAR races, but he will now be returning to pit road for a new racing series that will be debuting in June.

Who will replace DW on Fox Nascar?

Who Replaces Darrell Waltrip On NASCAR On Fox? No One. I reported it here two weeks ago, but Fox made the official announcement Friday: just play-by-play guy Mike Joy and commentator Jeff Gordon will in the broadcast booth for Fox’s half of the 2020 NASCAR Cup season, which opens on Feb.

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Who is in the commercial with Jeff Gordon?

Kasey Kahne was yelling at Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jeff Gordon, talking some big-time trash. “You wanna have some fun, 24?” he said loudly.

Who is the wealthiest Nascar driver?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. earns the ranking of the most wealthiest NASCAR driver, with an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Who will replace Jimmie Johnson 2021?

Hendrick Motorsports announced Tuesday that Alex Bowman will replace Jimmie Johnson next season, shifting to the organization’s No. 48 Chevrolet for the NASCAR Cup Series in 2021.

How much money does Jeff Gordon make working for Fox?

Jeff Gordon has a net worth of $200 million and earns an estimated $20 – $30 million every year from salary and endorsements. Of that income, roughly $20 million comes from endorsements.

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