What do you call the inside of a race track?

noun. the part of a circular track for sports races that is nearest the centre and is the shortest distance round the track.

What is a stint in racing?

A stint is the time on track during a race – time from start to the first pit stop, then time from 1st pit to second pit, then second pit to end.

What would you call the track background in a racing car game?

Answer: race course is the right answer.

What is a sweeper turn?

Sweeper – different than just a regular turn, a sweeper is gradual, long and large. Seen at NASCAR superspeedways and sometimes on huge road courses. They are often heavily banked and wide giving racecars many opportunities for passing. Hairpin – Opposite of a sweeper, a hairpin is the tightest turn that can be made.

What is the apron in racing?

Apron: The paved portion of the racetrack that separates the. racing surface from the infield. While listening to a race, you’ll hear announcers talk about drivers shooting down on the apron.

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What is a blend line violation?

Blend line. The painted line defining the exit from pit lane where it rejoins the race track. It prevents emerging race cars from driving into race traffic travelling past the pits. Competitors are penalised for crossing the blend line, ensuring cars have attained full racing speed before rejoining the race.

What do you call the start of a race?

n. Sports. The point or line at which a race begins.

What is the most famous race track?

The 10 Best Racing Tracks In The World

  1. Nurburging Nordschleife. Image source: BMW Blog. …
  2. Spa-Francorchamps. Image source: Wikimedia Commons. …
  3. Suzuka. …
  4. Circuit de la Sarthe. …
  5. Mount Panorama. …
  6. Laguna Seca. …
  7. Circuit de Monaco. …
  8. Monza.

How many miles is a Nascar track?

The road course hosts the NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series once per year and is 4.048 miles.

What does Racetrack mean?

English Language Learners Definition of racetrack

: a track or course that is used for racing especially, US : a track that is used for horse racing.

What is a chicane turn?

A chicane (/ʃɪˈkeɪn/) is a serpentine curve in a road, added by design rather than dictated by geography. … For example, one form of chicane is a short, shallow S-shaped turn that requires the driver to turn slightly left and then slightly right to continue on the road, requiring the driver to reduce speed.

Where is the apex of a corner?

The apex is the point at which you are closest to the inside of the corner, also referred to as the clipping point. Once you have hit the apex you should be able to reduce the steering lock, start increasing the throttle and focus on the exit.

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How many turns on a race track?

A typical oval track consists of two parallel straights, connected by two 180° turns.

What does 3 wide mean Nascar?

“At you door, quarter or bumper” would be where the other cars nose is in relation to your car. … I spot so that the driver doesn’t “need” their mirror until there is a car right up on them. “In & Out” – If those are used together, you’re 3-wide, and that sucks!

What does a hit mean in street racing?

To get the “go”, jump, break, hit, kick, or move is to start the race without the flagger. This is another system of handicapping that requires one car to wait until they see the other car start to move before they are allowed to leave their starting line.

Why do Nascar drivers drive so close to the wall?

Being in the groove isn’t only about maintaining speed and winning the race. Being in the groove also lessens the chance of an accident. Near the wall, there’s always the chance of being pushed into the wall, or slamming straight into it when the car is coming out of the turn. Driving on the apron is no better.

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