Your question: Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest F1 driver?

Four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel hailed Lewis Hamilton as the greatest of his era after the Mercedes driver celebrated his seventh Formula One title with victory in a wet Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday.

Is Lewis Hamilton the best F1 driver ever?

Lewis Hamilton has been knighted as part of the New Year Honours 2021 list, not long after winning the 2020 Sports Personality of the Year for the second time.

Who is the greatest F1 driver ever?

Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time

  • Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian-Vettel. …
  • Mika Häkkinen. Mika-Häkkinen. …
  • Alain Prost. Alain-Prost. …
  • Stirling Moss. Stirling-Moss. …
  • Jackie Stewart. Jackie-Stewart. …
  • Juan Manuel Fangio. Juan-Manuel-Fangio. …
  • Michael Schumacher. Michael-Schumacher. …
  • Ayrton Senna. Ayrton-Senna. Formula One Championship Wins: 3.


Is Lewis Hamilton greatest driver?

Top 10 greatest drivers of all time:

Lewis Hamilton – 92.2 points. Juan Manuel Fangio – 91.6 points. Michael Schumacher – 86.4 points. Jim Clark – 78.5 points.

Is Lewis Hamilton better than Schumacher?

Lewis Hamilton on Sunday won his seventh Formula One world title to equal the all-time record held by Michael Schumacher. … In 2020, Hamilton surpassed two other Schumacher records – number of podiums (163 against 155) and victories (94 against 91).

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Why is Hamilton so good F1?

He’s a master at building up gaps. He’s great at defending his his positions and when his car is working with him, he’s scary fast in qualifying. He’s also an exceptional late braker. He’s widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers over a single lap (but this season, he hasn’t shown that quite as much).

Who most F1 titles?

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher hold the record for the most World Drivers’ Championships, both having won the title on seven occasions. Juan Manuel Fangio is third with five titles. Schumacher also holds the record for the most consecutive drivers’ titles with five between the 2000 and the 2004 seasons.

What age do F1 drivers retire?

for most racing drivers, it’ll be will about they hit 40 when they start loosing the fitness required for F1 racing and start transitioning to mentor-ship and team roles. Louis Chiron remains the oldest driver to finish a formula race at the age of 55 Years.

How many F1 drivers have died?

Fifty-two drivers have died from incidents that occurred at a FIA World Championship event or while driving a Formula One car at another event, with Cameron Earl being the first in 1952.

Is Lewis Hamilton greatest of all time?

Lewis Hamilton captured his seventh Formula One championship on Sunday. The historic title was snatched off a thrilling Turkish Grand Prix that saw Hamilton finish first from a sixth-place start. … But after Sunday, by our estimation, it’s undeniable: Lewis Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver of all time.

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Who is the best driver of all time?

Top 10 greatest drivers of all time:

  • Michael Schumacher – 86.4 points.
  • Jim Clark – 78.5 points.
  • Alberto Ascari – 78.4 points.
  • Alain Prost – 77.1 points.
  • Ayrton Senna – 70.7 points.
  • Jackie Stewart – 70.0 points.
  • Sebastian Vettel – 68.4 points.
  • Niki Lauda – 61.1 points.


Why does Hamilton keep winning?

He doesn’t always win, but he wants to and if the car supports him, he’s likely to win and beat his team mate. In Mexico, the team’s strategy was amazing, but they tried it, and it worked, because they knew that if someone could pull it off, it would be Hamilton.

Who is the goat F1 driver?

#2 Michael Schumacher was the undisputed best driver on the grid throughout his career. Michael Schumacher was the gold standard of driving in Formula 1 throughout his career. Michael Schumacher made his Formula 1 debut in 1991.

Why did Schumacher leave Ferrari?

He knew that his junior members had the talent but as long as he is there, there will be no advancement to them and that is why he took a short break. He was hired by Honda to be their team principal and the honda pull out will be the catalyst for the championship winning Brawn Grand Prix.

Can Hamilton catch Schumacher?

Given Hamilton’s form in 2020, there is a strong chance he will catch and pass this Schumacher record before the season ends. Schumacher led a total of 5,111 laps during his Formula 1 career while Hamilton is comfortably second in that department with 4,976 laps led so far.

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Is Michael Schumacher still in a coma?

Michael Schumacher is still in rehabilitation after suffering a devastating head injury in a skiing accident on the French Alps in December 2013. … After undergoing two surgeries, Schumacher was placed in a medically induced coma for six months to help reduce the swelling of his brain.

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