What are the hidden achievements in NFS heat?

Merciless (Silver): Complete Chapter 4. Carving Turns (Bronze): Complete the Drift driving story. Consider Yourself Noticed (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1. Friends Reunited (Bronze): Complete the Race driving story.

What is the hidden trophy in NFS heat?

The Need for Speed Heat trophies have been revealed

Name Description
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
The Brightest Stars Get a 3 Star Rating on all the Activities in the game
Change My Name Change the text on the License Plate
Two Racers, One Event Beat your first Crew Time Trial

Is there hidden cars in Need For Speed Heat?

Container 1 was released alongside the companion app’s announcement on August 15, 2019, and has a secret car that can be unlocked by meeting its required activity monitor level.

What are the hidden trophies in Need for Speed payback?

Need for Speed Payback Trophies

  • THE ULTIMATE PAYBACK. Collect all trophies.
  • TRAINING WHEELS OFF. Reach Rep level 2.
  • TOP DOG. Reach Rep level 50.
  • ONE MAN’S TRASH. Assemble a Derelict Car.
  • ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE. Get a Derelict car to 399 Tier Rating.
  • THE ARTIST. Unlock all Visual Customization points.
  • THE MOGUL. …
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How many trophies are in need for speed heat?

In the PS4 racing game Need for Speed Heat you can unlock a total of 43 trophies.

What cars can hit 240 mph in NFS heat?

NFS Heat: 240 MPH With Koenigsegg Regera (Warp Speed Trophy) – YouTube.

What is the discovery event in NFS heat?

When you hit around Rep level 45 in Need for Speed Heat, you’ll start to unlock a trio of Discovery races titled A, B & C. They’re sprint races with a recommended car level of 340, and are only accessible at night.

How many dealerships are in NFS heat?

Dealership locations are revealed to the player at the start of chapter 2 – Desert Winds – and can be used as a means of fast travelling. There are a total of six dealerships across Fortune Valley; 1 in Liberty Desert, 1 in Mount Providence, 3 in Silver Rock, and 1 in Ember Valley.

Where is the car dealership in NFS heat?

You’ll find the Dealership in the Palm City Raceway area, which is on the right-hand side of the map. It’s icon looks like two hands coming together. Drive, or fast travel to the Dealership, and press the right shoulder button to enter it.

What does the purple square mean in NFS heat?

· 1y. It means they basically have no visual customization except for rims and color. 6. Share.

How many trophies are in need for speed payback?

Need For Speed Payback has four multiplayer trophies which are very straightforward for you to complete. There are two trophies regarding the speedlist, one trophy for completing a daily challenge, and the other trophy for beating an Autolog Recommendation.

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Where are all the chips in Need for Speed payback?

Collecting all 100 chips will unlock the “All In” award. There are a total of 100 chips across Fortune Valley; 26 in Mount Providence, 31 in Liberty Desert, 19 in Silver Rock, 5 in Ember Valley, and 19 in Silver Canyon.

What’s the best car in NFS heat?

The Actual Best Car in Need for Speed: Heat

There actually is one car in the game bumper and bonnet ahead of the rest – the Koenigsegg Regera ’16. Don’t be mad, it’s a white lie because the only way to unlock this monster is to reach reputation 50 and that’s no mean feat.

Does Rep matter after level 50 NFS heat?


Yes definitely, I totally agree with you.

Does difficulty matter in NFS heat?

Edit: NFS Heat… Rewards are the same regardless of difficulty. Only if you play against other players.

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