You asked: Where is the race track in Bahrain?

How many races are there in Bahrain?

Alternative layouts

Bahrain International Circuit has six layouts, though the 5.412km “Grand Prix” circuit with 15 corners has been used for all but one of the 15 races held to date.

How long is the Bahrain race track?

Bahrain – Sakhir

First Grand Prix 2004
Circuit length 5.412 km
Number of laps 57
Race distance 308.238 km
Lap record 1:31.447 – De la Rosa (2005)

What kind of track is Bahrain?

The Bahrain International Circuit is a typical Hermann Tilke circuit with a lot of long straights and slow corners. The cars drive clockwise, just like most circuits are designed. In 2010 the track used an extended piece of circuit. Because the race wasn’t more exciting it was never used again.

What other race did the Bahrain International Circuit host in 2020?

22 (BNA): Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East”, is in its final stages of preparations to host the 2020 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend (Friday, November 27 to Sunday, November 29), to kick off the first-ever F1 double-header in the Kingdom.

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Are there 2 F1 tracks in Bahrain?

Subsequent editions of the race have also been held at night. In 2020 the circuit hosted two Grands Prix, the Bahrain and Sakhir Grands Prix, after the calendar was revised following the COVID-19 pandemic with the second using an alternative layout.

Why is Bahrain GP at night?

In 2014, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the first staging of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the race was held as a night event under floodlights. In so doing it became the second Formula One night race after the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008.

Is Bahrain GP and Sakhir GP same?

The second Silverstone race was named as a way to celebrate the 70th year of the F1 grand prix world championship. The final unique race name for the unconventional 2020 calendar is the second Bahrain race, which is called the Sakhir GP, which is also named after the region the track is based.

Is Sakhir same track as Bahrain?


The first and most obvious change is to the circuit, with the 3.543km Outer Track replacing the familiar 5.412km Grand Prix Circuit. While most circuits used in F1 have corners that can be reconfigured, BIC is one of only a few venues that have alternative FIA Grade 1 layouts.

Is Bahrain high or low downforce?

The Bahrain International Circuit held its inaugural F1 race in 2004.

Circuit information.

Lap data
Lap length 5.412km (3.363 miles)
Downforce level Medium
Gear changes per lap 56
Fuel use per lap 1.7kg

Where is Sakhir Bahrain?

Sakhir (Arabic: الصخير‎) is a desert area located in the Southern Governorate of Bahrain, near Zallaq. It contains the Al-Sakhir Palace, built in 1870.

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Who got fastest lap in Bahrain?

Bahrain Grand Prix Facts

Circuit Name Bahrain International Circuit (Sakhir)
Track Length 5.412km (15 turns)
Race Distance 57 laps (308.238km)
Lap Record 1:30.252, Michael Schumacher (Ferrari 2004)
2021 Result 1st Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:32:03.897

How long is the Sakhir track?

2020 Sakhir Grand Prix
Location Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 3.543 km (2.202 mi)
Distance 87 laps, 307.995 km (191.379 mi)

Is the Sakhir GP a night race?

The Sakhir Grand Prix will be a full night race with both qualifying and the race taking place later in the evening compared to the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will take place the weekend before using the usual 5.412 km international track layout.

How wide are f1 tracks?

TRACK SPECIFICATION  Track width– 12 to 15 metre • This avoids bad congestion.  There should be 3 m minimum clear space along both sides of the track, usually consisting of grass.  The maximum length of track – 7km.

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