How do you chain combo in Mario Kart Tour?

Using actions, like flinging items, jump dashing, or mini-turboing, continuously and without break causes a chain combo.

How do you do a combo on Mario Kart Tour?

How to Combo

  1. Boosts (Mini-turbo boost, Jump Boost)
  2. Gliding.
  3. Using items (throwable items, power-up items)
  4. Triggering a Frenzy.
  5. Picking up Coins.
  6. Passing through obstacles throughout the race.


What is a combo attack Mario Kart?

Combo Attack is a type of bonus challenge in Mario Kart Tour introduced in the Holiday Tour. The object in Combo Attack bonus challenges is to produce the biggest combo as possible on the respective track’s Trick variant.

How do you beat a combo attack in Mario Kart?

  1. Make sure to do a Rocket Start! …
  2. Performing Mini-Turbo Boosts will help you extend and increase your combo count. …
  3. You can get 2 Mushrooms instantly if you pass through the middle of the 2 Mushroom item boxes. …
  4. Access the ramps and get the coins on the course to increase your combo count.

How do I get a nonstop combo in Mario Kart?

To get a Nonstop Combo, you’ll need to perform a combo from start to finish without breaking it. You can get a Nonstop combo through T or R/T courses, as well as in the Combo Attack Bonus Challenge.

How do you get points in Mario Kart Tour?

How to get more points in Mario Kart Tour

  1. Utilize your highest driver, kart, and glider scores.
  2. Hit other drivers with items while racing.
  3. Hit drifts to boost yourself around corners.
  4. Perform jump boosts during races with ramps.
  5. Collect coins throughout the race.
  6. Finish in first, second, or third position.
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What is a combo attack?

In fighting games, combo specifically indicates a timed sequence of moves which produce a cohesive series of hits, each of which leaves the opponent unable or almost unable to block or otherwise avoid the following hits in the sequence. …

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