How do you clean ceramic go kart bearings?

To clean the inside of the bearing, simply remove only one side of the exterior shield, shown above. Next, use Mineral Spirits to clean all the dirt out of the inside of the bearings. Then, use Denatured Alcohol to remove the residue left from the Mineral Spirits.

Should I clean my ceramic bearings?

Full ceramic bearings are maintenance free. However, they can be washed using regular tap water or a standard bearing cleaner product if required. Make sure the bearing is completely dry before replacing it. These bearings do not need lubricant to operate, so there is no need to add an oil or grease at this stage.

Should you lubricate ceramic bearings?

Ceramic ball bearings are inherently low friction and don’t require lubricant. Because lubricant adds viscous drag to the system, especially at low rpms, it can slow bearings down.

Can ceramic bearings get wet?

Are Ceramic Bearings Waterproof? Nope. Although the ceramic balls will not be affected by rust, the steel casings of each bearing are still vulnerable to the elements.

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How do you clean closed bearings?

Very gently remove the rubber seals by prising out the seal from the inner lip. You can use a penknife or small screwdriver but do not push it too far into the bearing or you may damage the retainer (cage). Use a degreaser and some paper cloth to make sure you fully clean away all old grease before relubricating.

Can you clean bearings with WD40?

You should never use WD40 to clean skateboard bearings . This is a product designed specifically made for removing rust and grime, not as a lubricant or cleaner for bearings. It works wonders at first, but you’ll find yourself reapplying more and more as it dries out bearings.

Can I use acetone to clean ceramic bearings?

You should clean the bearings and the ball retainers. To do so, soak them first and foremost in a de-greasing solution such as acetone or pure alcohol. Leave it overnight to ensure that all the grease have been removed completely. … Place the bearings in fresh chemicals and shake gently so as to remove any extra grease.

What is the best lubricant for ceramic bearings?

The most common grease used with ceramic bearings is lithium grease with a mineral oil base, suitable for precision bearings. For high-speed, high-temperature and prolonged service life applications, synthetic lubricants are preferred.

Do ceramic bearings last longer?

“Longevity of a well-built high-quality ceramic bearing, in many cases, can be up to 10 times longer than commonly used stock bearings. The ‘rule of thumb’, as we like to call it when built well, and of high-quality materials, a ceramic bearing should always be able to outlast and outperform a steel bearing.

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Can you grease ceramic bearings?

A: No, full ceramic bearings can be run completely dry. They do not need lubrication to run. Ceramic is non-porous, unlike steel, as a result it is virtually frictionless.

Are bones ceramic bearings worth it?

At the top end of the price range, (only Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings are more expensive at around £140.00 per set), Bones Swiss bearings are worth every single penny you will spend on them and are substantively better than all competitors in terms of both performance and durability.

Do ceramic bearings break?

The other apparent advantage of ceramic is that it is a harder material, so shouldn’t break down as quickly, and is resistant to corrosion. In theory, ceramic bearings should be faster, lighter and last a lot longer than steel bearings.

How much faster are ceramic bearings?

The highest performing bearing made by CeramicSpeed was outperformed by the Hawk Racing steel bearings by almost 15%. However, it costs three times as much as the Hawk Racing bearing.

What household items can I use to clean bearings?


  1. Remove the wheels but keep the bearings in place.
  2. Put the wheels together with the bearings on a dry paper towel or rag.
  3. Get the lubricant and spray it a few times on the bearings. …
  4. After spraying, pat the wheels with a clean towel. …
  5. Put the wheels back on your skateboard.

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean bearings?

Put the bearings in a container WITH A LID and fill it to the brim with isopropyl alcohol. Cap the container and shake for 5 minutes. … Set the bearings out to dry. While you’re waiting for the alcohol to fully evaporate, you can take the time to clean the bearing covers with some paper towels.

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How long should I soak my bearings?

Soak your bearings in your chosen liquid try putting the bearings in a jam jar and shake the bejeezus out of them for about 2 minutes, then rinse them with some more clean solvent. Here at HQ we use a spray on Engine Degreaser to get all the crud out, then soak in Meths.

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