How do you download Need for Speed Pro Street?

Does NFS Pro Street work on Windows 10?

sys) used by Securom and Safedisk DRM (digital rights managment), and ProStreet uses Securom. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 disabled, but did not remove, secdrv. sys, so it still can be enabled. Windows 10 doesn’t allow the driver, considering it to be a security risk.

Is Need for Speed Pro Street open world?

ProStreet received mixed reviews from critics, who generally criticized the lack of open world gameplay of its predecessors. The game’s numerous online features and car customization options were highlighted as some of its strongest features.

What is the fastest drag car in Need for Speed Pro Street?

Drag Set-Upsedit

The fastest 1/4 mile car is actually the Dodge Charger R/T.

How do you fix the continue bug in Need for Speed Pro Street?

3) Alt+Tab over to the Device Manager and use your mouse to disable the mice listed under Mice and other pointing devices. 4) As soon as your mouse stops working, immediately Alt+Tab over to Need for Speed and play away. Your continue button will work flawlessly.

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Is NFS ProStreet a good game?

ProStreet is a solid racing game, but it has some performance issues and is missing most of what made the previous games in the series interesting. Customization and realistic damage represent modest signs of progress and they make the gameplay interesting for a while.

How many cars NFS Pro Street?

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Need for Speed: ProStreet features fifty-five vehicles across various manufacturers. Each car is arranged into one of three tiers with each having individual advantages and disadvantages for each of the four event types.

Which Need for Speed has drag racing?

In Need for Speed: ProStreet and Shift 2: Unleashed, drag races take place on 1/4 mile (pronounced as quarter mile) or 1/2 mile tracks.

What is the best grip car in NFS Pro Street?

The best car I have come across for the grip mode is the Porsche 911 Turbo. As soon as you start your career, you won’t have enough money to buy it, instead opt for the Mazda RX-8 which is very good in cornering at high speed without braking too much.

What is the best drift car in NFS Pro Street?

re: what is the best drift car for pro street? No doubt the RX-7. I tries using a Supra with 864 HP, and it sucked. Mustang GT is good though, but RX-7 all the way.

How do you get stage 4 parts on Pro Street?


  1. You can either win them by Winning/Dominating events, OR, you can look for someone on Xbox Live to give you the parts, though you will need 200-400K to install the parts depending on how many you have to install and which car it is. …
  2. You could use the unlockallthings code to unlock stage 4 parts.
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