How do you get speed cards in Need for Speed payback?

How do you get cards on Need for Speed payback?

Apart from the ones listed in the Tune-up-Shops, all Speed Cards are given randomly, so you can’t really choose a specific setup. The best you can do is enter the Tune-Up-Shop’s Trade-in section where you spend special tokens for testing your luck on a performance slot machine.

How do you get higher speed cards in Need for Speed payback?

If all of your speed cards are level 10, then you’ll likely see speed cards from level 9-12 in the tune up shop. The best/fastest way to get better speed cards imo is to use part tokens. The tune up shop refresh takes too long and the refresh still doesn’t give you what you want a lot of the time.
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What is the max level in Need for Speed payback?

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The Performance Level of a vehicle in Need for Speed: Payback is a range from its stock rating to its maximum rating. A vehicle’s performance rating is given as a level between 100 to 399, and can be broken down into 5 categories, of which each having 2 ratings within them.

What is the fastest car on Need for Speed payback?


Are speed cards only for one car?

User Info: iiiUsername. Yeah cards can only be used on the car you earned them with.

What is a runner car in Need for Speed payback?

When picking a car of the Runner class you’ll notice a few visual differences; subtle paint job, black rims, tinted windows, lowered ride height, wide track width and the absence of a license plate. Agile, precise, good landing stability and great at getting away from the cops.

What are the blue cards in Need for Speed payback?

Nextech. Nextech parts appear as blue Speed Cards. They can be matched together for a Brand Bonus increase in Speed and Brakes ratings.

Where can I buy speed cards?

You get one from winning a race or buy them from the tune-up store dotted around Fortune Valley. The stock of each store are the same, and will refresh after 10 minutes. Another way to do it is by trading in Speed Cards and roll the slot machine.

What is Speedcross NFS payback?

Speedcross is a rack-up-the-score driving event over pre-set course against an AI rival. The course features drift zones, jumps, speed traps and “smackables,” basically things to knock down. Speedcross comprises 16 new events, four for each zone in Need For Speed Payback’s open world.

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How do I send speed cards to my garage?

Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

  1. Grind Grind Grind Grind Grind… …
  2. Go buy the ‘catch up pack’… …
  3. Go to that stupid slot machine… …
  4. Now keep spinning the slot machine until you match all the cards to whichever speed group you like…

How do I upgrade my car on payback?

In Need for Speed Payback, players upgrade their cars by purchasing parts cards out of tune-up shops located around the map. The parts are available at random and refresh after certain intervals, typically 30 minutes.

Can you upgrade your car in Need for Speed payback?

For Need for Speed Payback, the latest game in the series, Ghost Games has switched up how you make upgrades to your car by introducing a card system in place of standard upgrades. … Here you will be able to buy Speed Cards using in-game money, or by using Part Tokens gained from Shipments to roll for a randomized one.

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