How do you use a mouse stall in dirt rally?

How do you steer with a mouse in dirt rally?

It is made using Auto Hotkey and requires you to have vJoy installed. The program uses a virtual joystick and feeds values to it. When you move the mouse left and right the X value of the joystick will be changed. If push back is set higher than 0, it will be pushed towards neutral over time.

How can I use my mouse as a steering wheel?

The mouse is placed near the steering wheel such that the rotation of the wheel translates into right and left movements of the mouse. The same thing is done for the pedals. The up and down movement of the pedals is converted to Y Axis movements of the mouse.

How do I make dirt Rally 2 look better?

ULTRA – This setting mostly consume GPU RAM and if you have plenty, just turn it up. HIGH – using ULTRA has a high cost in rain weather, while High looks plenty good. Medium – You wont notice the difference when driving, and Medium looks quite good. Anything higher just ads finer detail and cost much performance.

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