Quick Answer: What is wedge in a dirt race car?

Wedge is the offset balance within your tires of your car. … These include the rear bite on a dirt track car, the wedge, the rear weight, the spring rate, the left weight, and the tracking of the wheels.

What does Wedge do to a race car?

Wedge, or cross weight, is the total weight of the RF and LR corners divided by the cars total weight. It is used to keep the back of the car tight entering a corner while also adding bite exiting a corner. Wedge is required to get through the corners.

What is wedge in a dirt late model?

Just look at the dirt late model cars and how they have evolved. The frontends are wedges that scoop the oncoming air up and over the car. The wheel wells are shaped to route air out and away from the front tires creating downforce.

What does a tight race car mean?

Tight: Also known as “understeer.” A car is said to be tight if the front wheels lose traction before the rear wheels do. A tight race car doesn’t seem able to steer sharply enough through the turns. Instead, the front end continues toward the wall.

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What is forward bite?

It means the car will not turn into, through, or coming off the corner, so yes, it means too much forward bite, but you can’t steer (drive) the car out of the exit of the corner.

Does adding wedge loosen the car?

This is what is meant by adding or removing wedge from the car. By taking out (lowering) the wedge, push can be reduced. By increasing (raising) the wedge, the car can be tightened.

What is Nascar Heat 5 wedge?

Wedge makes the car looser or tighter. A loose car is better on the short runs but a tighter car is better for long runs. If you want a tighter car, up the wedge ; a looser car, decrease the wedge.

How much does a dirt late model weight?

In the case of Dirt Late Models that weight is mostly around 2,300 pounds.

How does cross weight affect handling?

Cross-weight Percentage

More wedge means that the car will likely understeer more in a left turn. The advantage to wedge is that the left rear tire carries more load, so the car drives off the turns better. … One of the problems with cross-weight is that it will change the handling balance from a left to a right turn.

Is understeer tight or loose?

Tight: Also known as “understeer.” A car is said to be tight if the front wheels lose traction before the rear wheels do. A tight race car doesn’t seem able to steer sharply enough through the turns.

How can I make my race car tighter?

Change rear spring rates. Softening the right rear spring, and/or stiffening the left rear spring will increase the rear roll angle and will tighten the car, as will softening both rear springs. The inverse is true, stiffening the RR spring and/or softening the LR spring will loosen the car.

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What is a car racer called?

In sports car racing, production-derived versions of sports cars, also known as grand tourers (GTs), and purpose-built sports prototype cars compete within their respective classes on closed circuits. The premier championship series of sports car racing is the FIA World Endurance Championship.

How do you increase side bites in a dirt track car?

To give the car more lateral traction, go to a softer right rear bar or a stiffer right front spring. A stiffer left rear bar will have two effects: raising the car (higher CGH), and adding static left rear weight.

What is bite in dirt track racing?

For dirt cars, the terminology is a little different. Most dirt teams refer to the amount of “bite” or “left-rear weight” in the car, which is the number of pounds of weight that the LR tire supports over the right-rear (RR) tire.

How do you get a forward bite in a sprint car?

Re: Forward Bite – Wing Sprint Car

Over rotating in corners, and loosing alot of speed in corners. then you start to catch up going into corner. All still applies, as far as what to do! To improve cornering raise car, reduce stagger, decrease LR rebound, add RF plus 1/4 or 1/2 turn for more wedge.

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