What is a delay box used for in drag racing?

“Delay Box” is a common slang term used in drag racing to describe an on-board timer which is a Transmission Brake Delay Timer. A transbrake forces the race car to remain stationary at the starting line, in gear, regardless of how much engine power is applied.

How do you use a delay box?

You enter your dial in and your opponents dial in into the delay box and it automatically calculates the difference. It then adds this time to your delay setting when you leave off your opponents light. Therefore, you are reacting to the very first flash of amber which happens to be on your opponent’s side of the tree.

Why do drag racers bump in?

The “Bump Box” has totally transformed the way many drag racers stage their cars. By controlling the trans brake with a high speed micro processor, the car can be bumped into the second bulb with extreme precision and control! Allowing the driver to focus on the tree, and not worry about rolling the beams.

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What is No Box class drag racing?

A delay box is a device that assists in perfecting your reaction time in a drag race, however some drag racers conceal the device and race in a no box class. … During a race, a driver releases a button that internally countdowns the electric signal until it releases the trans-brake to almost a perfect light.

Why do drag cars lurch forward?

With the spool valve in its normal position hydraulic fluid pressure in the transmission is removed from the reverse clutch pack (but maintained in the forward clutch pack), this causes the drag race car to “launch” (often with great thrust) from the starting line, accelerating rapidly forward toward the finish line.

What is crosstalk in drag racing?

Crosstalk allows the faster car to react to the top bulb at the same time as their opponent. When activated the slower car’s tree falls as normal and the faster car’s top bulb stalls for the lenght of time which is the difference between the two et’s then continues to fall to the green.

What does r/u mean in drag racing?

Lingo: Reaction time. You could also say: R.T.; to try for a good R.T. is to push the ‘tree. To succeed is to cut a good light. Definition: The amount of time between when the green light comes on and when the car rolls forward enough to break the stage beam.

Can you put a Transbrake on a manual?

Introducing the MANSBRAKE. AKA a transbrake for manual transmission equipped vehicles! … This device will allow you to set clutch engagement on a button and will also slip your clutch upon release of your transbrake button.

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What is courtesy staging in drag racing?

Courtesy Staging

This means that the first car into the staging beams should light only the pre-stage light. When the second car is is pre-staged, then either of you can move up slightly into the staging lights.

Why do gassers sit high in the front?

With form being dictated by function, their appearance is often very top heavy and ungainly, largely due to front ends being raised higher than stock, to assist in the weight transfer during rapid acceleration (racing).

How does a Transbrake work on a drag car?

In drag racing, a transbrake is a mechanism that selectively places the transmission in first and reverse gears simultaneously, effectively holding the race car stationary as if the foot brake was applied. … The transbrake is activated by the driver by applying electric current to a solenoid at the transmission.

How does a throttle stop work?

Throttle stops are used to slow the cars down as m any are much faster than the indexes and are slowed a predetermined amount as early in the run as possible to allow the car as much mph as possible on top end. Not everyone uses the stops there are a few who still use ballast to get the desired et.

What is a good drag racing reaction time?

400 seconds is considered a perfect Reaction Time). Leave too soon and you “red light,” or foul and are disqualified. Leave too late and you may give your opponent a head start that you can’t overcome, even with a quicker and faster car.

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What is better for drag racing?

Well, for the beginner, an auto is faster, but most serious drag racing is done with a manual. Pro Stock cars make 1500-1600 HP and they run 5 speeds, not autos. … Driving a clutch car is way more fun.

How do I get good at drag racing?

Top 10 Tips for your First Time at the Dragstrip

  1. Get Ready for Tech. For most people, the first time they run the quarter (or eighth) mile, they’ll be doing it in their street car. …
  2. Bring the Right Clothing. …
  3. Fill Up The Car. …
  4. Get a Decent Tire Pressure Gauge. …
  5. Take Notes. …
  6. Don’t be a Douche. …
  7. Have a Plan B or Alternate Way Home.


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