What is AFS and NFS?

In other words, AFS has stateful servers, whereas NFS has stateless servers. … Stateful servers in AFS allow the server to inform all clients with open files about any updates made to that file by another client, through what is known as a callback.

What is AFS used for?

AFS uses Kerberos for authentication, and implements access control lists on directories for users and groups. Each client caches files on the local filesystem for increased speed on subsequent requests for the same file. This also allows limited filesystem access in the event of a server crash or a network outage.

What is AFS networking?

Andrew File System (AFS) is a distributed network file system developed by Carnegie Mellon University. … An AFS may be accessed from a distributed environment or location independent platform. A user accesses an AFS from a computer running any type of OS with Kerberos authentication and single namespace features.

Who uses AFS?

Over a roughly 25-year timeframe, AFS has been used by many U.S. and non-U.S. universities. Many national labs, supercomputing centers and similar institutions have also used AFS. Companies in the financial industry (e.g., Goldman Sachs) and other industries have also used AFS.

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What is AFS file?

An AFS file is a project created by STAAD. foundation, a CAD program used to design and study construction foundations. It contains foundation components and their physical properties and may include concrete slabs, meshes, and soils. AFS files can be used to analyze the structural soundness of a design.

What are the characteristics of AFS?

Features and Benefits

  • File backups — AFS data files are backed up nightly. …
  • File security — AFS data files are protected by the Kerberos authentication system.
  • Physical Security — AFS data files are stored on servers located in the UCSC Data Center.


What is OpenAFS client?

OpenAFS is the open source release of the Andrew File System (AFS). It is a global, distributed file system used by schools and scientific laboratories around the world. … OpenAFS directories worldwide are available to users with access to hosts with an OpenAFS client installed.

Is AFS or NFS better?

Better Networking Performance: AFS was designed for larger networks so it’s faster and more efficiently. … NFS works well on small and medium size networks, but is not suited for a large network like Sweet Hall’s. User Authentication: AFS authenticates users, not machines.

What is AFS Unix?

The Andrew File System (afs) is the name of the file system that is used by the UNIX operating system on our machines. There are many commands that affect the files and directories that are available to UNIX users.

What is callback promise in AFS?

50.4 AFS Version 2. AFSv2 introduced the notion of a callback to reduce the number of client/server interactions. A callback is simply a promise from the server to the client that the server will inform the client when a file that the client is caching has been modified.

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Is NFS a distributed file system?

NFS, or Network File System, was designed in 1984 by Sun Microsystems. This distributed file system protocol allows a user on a client computer to access files over a network in the same way they would access a local storage file. Because it is an open standard, anyone can implement the protocol.

What do you mean by Vice and Venus in AFS what are their roles?

Vice, along with a copy of the file, transfers a callback promise, when Venus requests for a file. Read and Write: Reads/Writes are done from/to the cached copy. Close a file: Venus traps file close system calls and closes the cached copy of the file.

Which one of the following is a distributed file system?

Discussion Forum

Que. Which one of the following is a distributed file system?
b. network file system
c. novel network
d. all of the mentioned
Answer:all of the mentioned

How do I play AFS files?

Play an ASF file with Windows Media Player, VLC, PotPlayer, Winamp, GOM Player, MediaPlayerLite, and probably several other free multimedia players. There are numerous applications that can convert an ASF file, including free video converter programs and free applications that can convert audio files.

How do I view AFS files?

Solution: Use File Magic to Open Your AFS File

in the program or device for which it was developed), you might be able to open it with a universal software viewer. Depending on the exact file format, you could use a universal software viewer such as File Magic [download] to open your AFS file.

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How do I open an AFS file?

If you cannot open your AFS file correctly, try to right-click or long-press the file. Then click “Open with” and choose an application. You can also display a AFS file directly in the browser: Just drag the file onto this browser window and drop it.

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